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Integrated Wired/Wireless Communication solutions for clients in air traffic, transportation, utility, rail, telecommunication service providers, government, enforcement agencies and other major sectors.

Voice, Data and Video Point to Point as well as Point to Multipoint Wireless Communications Solution.

Wireless Broadband and Fixed Line Broadband Solutions.

Fibre Optic, STM Communications, IPS Systems. Tracking, Scanning, Surveillance, Intelligent CCTV and Security Solutions.

Telemetry (SCADA) and Telematics Solutions.

Digital Video Broadcasting Transmission & Head-End Solutions.

Integrated Voice and Data for for internal and external Communication System.

Trunked Radio Solutions, TETRA, APC025.

Communication interfaced with both narrowband and broadband network environment.

METRO-E Network Infrastructure.
Command, Control, Communication & Computerized Integration (C4i) Solutions
It encompasses an integrated IT and Communication systems that enable the end-user to respond efficiently and effectively to challenges reported by linking all operation bases via hotlines, providing a swift response to incidents reported. Within the system, the automated message handling state-of-the-art GIS system and network also enable information and pictures of incidents in different parts of the area covered to be transmitted onto the computer screen with a touch of the key to provide situation awareness and to manage resources more effectively.

Emergency Response and Dispatch System.

Automatic Message Handling System.

Vessel/Vehicle Tracking and Location System.

Data and Communication Gateway.
IT Solutions

RFID Solutions and Integration.

Emergency Medical Response System.

Biometrics Solution (Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems).

Mobile and Mobile Device Management.

Networking and Data Centers.

We carry total FTTx solution products ranged from Network Core, RAS, Media Gateways, G-PON, E-PON, Switching Router, IT Security, IP/VPN Service System, NG SDH/SONET to Home networks k-solutions as well as diverse Fiber Optics cables, DATA and Coax cables and OSP materials. We are confident in creating the best networking solutions to optimize customers' benefits.
Other Services

Application Development from open sources such as Android to Microsoft , IOS platform running on various OS applications.

Turnkey Projects, Systems Design, Customization and Integration.

Program & Project Management, Installation and Commissioning, Warranty and After Sales Support, Maintenance Services up to lifetime extension on system components.

Research and Development, Turnkey Manufacturing, Integrated Logistics Support, Training.


Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to receivers via broadcast radio, broadcast television, or other technologies. We have proven expertise in the following areas:-

  • Design, install and commission Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) Network Operation Center equipment, DVB-T Transmitters and TVRO (TV Receive Only) equipment.
  • Commissioning the DVB NOC end-to-end equipments. This include the IRD tuning, video and audio feeds capture and store, on-line and off-line editing facility, compression head end, Conditional Access (CA), Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Install & commissioning analog television and FM radio transmitter.
Metro E-Network

A Metro-E is an IP network that covers a metropolitan area and that is based on the Ethernet standard. It is commonly used as a metropolitan access network to connect subscribers and businesses to a larger service network or the Internet or to connect branch offices.

We have a proven expertise in the following areas:-

  • Upgrade and migrate the network infrastructure to dual MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) rings Metro-E infrastructure to establish a higher capacity, high redundancy and high availability network.
  • Virtualized the server farm with VMware Hypervisor to reduce the number of physical server with blades chassis with SAN storage.
  • Upgrade and migrate the email system to the Microsoft Exchange server. The activity also involves the client mailbox migration.
  • Install, test and commission the IP-PBX system.
Network Centric Command

We provide network centric command and control solution for public safety and military application. We have successfully implemented a C4i solution for local public safety agency to improve the efficiency of emergency response time and the dispatch of resources.

  • Command & Control Operation Centre
  • Call Taking System (CTS)
  • ANI/ALI & Incident Database
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Mobile Data Communication System - Real time data transfer
  • Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)
  • Broadband Wireless Access
  • Database Gateway for DB query services
Private Mobile Radio

We provide turn-key solution for Two-Way Radio Communication from conventional analogue to digital simulcast or digital trunk solution for mobile communication for voice and/or data application. We do system design, supply, install, configure, testing, commissioning. Our after sales support such as maintenance and repair includes lifetime extension (i.e. obsolecense management). Two-Way Radio Communication technology includes Analogue PMR, DMR, dPMR, MPT-1327, P25 and TETRA system covering whole frequency spectrum from VHF, UHF up to 800 MHz.

  • Site Survey
  • RF Propagation Study
  • Professional Consultation
  • Tower/Mast Structures
  • Antenna System
  • Base Station/Repeater Installation
  • Coverage Test
  • Hands On Training

Strategic and Tactical Communication

We provide turnkey solution for tactical radio communication for military application. Tactical radio communication includes ground to ground, ground to air and ground to ship communication covering spectrum from VLF, HF, VHF marine, VHF airband, UHF up to microwave band.

  • Strategic Radio (VLF, HF, VHF, V/UHF, SDR)
  • Bunker Communication
  • ATC Communication
  • Voice Communication and Control System (VCCS)
  • Ship Integrated Intercom and Control System (ICS)
  • Tactical Manpack
Software Development

We adopt an agile development methodology to excel in customer's satisfaction. Our skills set spanned across Java, C++, C, .Net, Oracle, Perl, PHP, Python, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL etc. With these equipped, we are able to, amongst others:

  • Custom build smartphone and tablet apps running across major platforms eg. Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and others.
  • Complex system software development and integration for public safety and defense related projects eg. mobile client, data and voice communication gateway, mission critical inter departmental querying services.
  • Secure email communication delivered through HF or satellite link.
  • Custom communication software integration with Facebook, Skype, GTalk, Asterisk and Android.
  • Custom geographical information system (GIS) dashboard reporting tools development for public safety, defense, oil and gas.
  • Oracle technologies services offering in data-warehousing, business intelligence etc.
  • Custom web application development running across all platforms.



BCM Electronics Corporation Sdn Bhd (273972-P)

BCM is a Malaysian Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) entity that provides turnkey manufacturing services, was incorporated on 20 August 1993. BCM has evolved to become a world class EMS provider, servicing multi-national and international companies. BCM possesses RF Engineering and Power Products Engineering know-how management in the High-mix low volume niche manufacturing segment.

The company is also accredited with the certifications of MS ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management System, MS ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System, ISO/TS 16949 : 2009 Manufacturing of Telecommunication PCB Assembly and Box-Build Assembly for the Automotive Industry, EN ISO 13485 : 2003 + AC : 2007 Manufacturing of Power Supply Modules for Medical Device and OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Safety and Health Environment Management System.

Our manufacturing customers are from diverse industries and predominantly MNCs with stringent requirements. We are the preferred vendor due to our:

  • Strong Ethics
  • Lean Manufacturing and application of Lean Six Sigma
  • Reliability, flexibility and on time delivery commitments
  • Stringent Quality Controls
  • Specialist in manufacturing High Mix Low Volume

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • ROHS Compliance
  • IPC 610D Class 2, 3 standard
  • High Melting Point (HMD) Soldering
  • N2 Capabilities
  • Flying Probe
  • SMT
  • Plated through hole (PTH)
  • Box Build assembly


Green Technologies
Comintel Green Technologies Sdn Bhd (264861-K)

CGT markets a wide range of Green Technologies solution products ranging from Advanced Biomass Gasification System, LED Lightings, Induction Lightings, Lighting Management System, and other energy efficient solutions. We provide a holistic system in creating the best Green Energy Solutions to optimize customers' benefits.

Key Activities:-

  • Renewable Energy through Biomass Gasification.
  • Advanced Gasification Solution of Biomass For Oil Palm, Rice, Sorghum, Wood chips, Sugar Cane and Etc.
  • Advanced Gasification Solution of Biomass For Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).
  • Energy Saving Lighting Solutions.


Biomass Advanced Gasification System, LED Lightings, Induction lightings, Lighting Management System, and etc.

Logistic Support & Maintenance

Comlenia Sdn Bhd (450179-M)

CSB, a joint-venture company between an Italian company, SELEX Sistemi Integrati S.p.A. and Comintel, was incorporated on 15 October 1997. It operates in the field of Integrated Logistics Support, Electronic System Repairing and Testing of Command and Control System, Fire Control System, Torpedo Launching System, Missile Launching System and Radars. CSB's activities are mainly related to Combat System maintenance, repair of LRUs at Depot Level and on-site repair.

CSB has invested substantially in both the lab facilities and human resources to achieve total in-country support capabilities. Its well furnished workshop uses the latest state-of-the-art and fully computerized Automatic Test Equipment, Radio Frequency (IF/RF) equipment up to the Ku band. The company is also accredited with the certification of MS ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System.

Smart Grid & Meter

The basic concept of Smart Grid is to add monitoring, analysis, control, and communication capabilities to the national electrical delivery system to maximize the troughput of the system while reducing the energy consumption.

The Smart Grid will allow utilities to move electricity around the system as efficienty and economically as possible. It will also allow the homeowner and business to use electricity as economically as possible.
The Smart Grid will also provide real-time information which can be used for resource planning.
The Smart Grid will provide the platform for the utility company to implement time of use and set rate accordingly.

Comintel Sdn Bhd together with our partners will provide end to end solution for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the solution will cover the devices (Meter, RTU, head end and Smart Scada), in term of management, data collection up to Back end solution for Meter Data Management (MDMs), Customer Care Solution, Billing, systems provisioning and Data Management Solution.

Our Strategic Alliance
Comintel is an ideal and reliable partner for your total IT & Communication solutions to meet the complexity of a challenging environment of the new millennium. Our core business is to deliver a robust ICT system that is both effective and efficient, considering both current requirements and future demands. Since 1984, we have been providing total IT & Communication solutions for all types of applications.

We invest in the best to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team of experts and technical support staff are ably backed up by ongoing Research and Development. We formed strategic alliance with reputable technology partners to deliver specific system solutions to our customers. Many of our principals are established in the arena of public safety, defense communication and broadcasting, to name a few.

We have in-house expertise in these leading technologies and products, as such we are able to provide project management, implement and systems integrate total solutions and provide timely and reliable ongoing support, maintenance and repair services.
Enterprise Mobility

Comintel Mobility Sdn Bhd (519450-D)

Comintel Mobility Sdn Bhd (Commbi) was formerly known as Comintel.Com. It is a subsidiary of Comintel Sdn Bhd. Commbi strives in providing mobility solutions where security on mobile devices is our upmost focus.

Commbi also has in depth understanding of various Information & Telecommunication Technology and its various Applications. It has knowledge of local environmental constraints and understanding of customer’s requirements for current and future needs. Ability to map requirements succinctly and adapt, innovate or customized solutions.

Comintel Mobility is focused on providing Enterprise Mobility solutions to enable organizations liberate their business information, on to the mobile space - securely, yet reaching optimum efficiently, in carrying out their business operations.


Mobile Device Management

A mobile device management platform that provides administrators the ability to centrally manage, secure, and deploy corporate applications and devices.

This comes with 3 offerings:

  • Cloud MDM
  • On Premise MDM
  • Managed MDM

Document Classification

A document classification solution that provides allow you to apply relevant visual & metadata labels (protective markings) to messages and documents in order to enforce information assurance policies, raise user awareness of security policies and orchestrate multiple security technologies.

This solution is light weight and can be deployed out easily on workstations and smart devices.


Secure Backend Infrastructure

A range of solutions that provides secure connectivity to your backend systems and infrastructure.

It enables secure access to any business application in a fully protected environment. Identity-based application access and extensive endpoint security ensures thoroughly validated users only see what they are authorized to see.


Enterprise Solution Development

We provide specialized application and solution development services to customers.

From mobile applications to even end to end turnkey solutions, with backend integration to existing systems

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